About Us

I migrated to Chennai, a metropolitan city in South India in the year 1991. I was 40 years old when I moved from a Hindi speaking State in North India. The transition to a place that is geographically, culturally and linguistically different made it difficult to settle down and it was my corporate job that saw me through most of the time.

The challenges I had to face when I first moved was the ability to communicate or converse easily and spontaneously with my colleagues. They were well versed in their native language Tamil and spoke in English only when required. That communication strain affected the relationship with my co-workers and I couldn’t make friends at ease, which made me feel lonely at times.

It was then I decided to teach a few of my friends some words in Hindi. During weekends, a few of us assembled together over coffee and began speaking in Hindi and English to practice vocabulary and frame them into simple sentences. A few of my friends took a serious and sincere interest to learn a new language and advised me to start taking spoken Hindi classes during the weekends. I started taking classes for my friends, co-workers and their families at their homes.

It was then the journey began.

After several references, many people from different professional backgrounds came to me for Hindi tutoring. People from all walks of life like Doctors, Lawyers, Corporates, Software Professionals, Housewives, Students etc. felt that it was mandatory to learn the art of speaking Hindi fluently. They found it very useful when they had to relocate to a different state or even while conversing with their Hindi speaking superiors and friends.

After regular tutoring exploits, Thusshar Spoken Hindi Classes was established seven years ago. I started taking Hindi tutoring classes in the mornings and evenings during the weekends at preeminent residential localities in and around Chennai.

Many students who have passed written examinations in Hindi Prachar Sabha, Chennai found it extremely difficult to converse in Hindi immaculately. For this reason, we have mastered the art of teaching spoken Hindi by implementing phonetic techniques and not by translation methods. Our batches are customized and tailored to suit every student’s preference of study. A student can spend a maximum of 20 hours dividing their classes into weeks or months as per their convenience.


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